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It's a pleasure to develop under BeOS. It's such a clever OS for this activity, but also for others ones. If you don't know yet this operating system, it's may the time to go to my BeOS links page. Give it a try.


Most of my BeOS projects stands (and will continue to) in a dark and dusty disk's corner, broken, forgotten and lost. Most of the time, it's far better!
But some resists to time... well, my motivation erosion :


A printer driver to output in PDF format. Use PDFLib. Now part of the OpenBeOS project.
Download latest version thru his BeBits page.


A Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL modem driver project for BeOS. Don't work at all at this time. Help welcome.


A printer driver for Canon BubbleJet, in development. I've a Canon BJ-200, I've BeOS, I'm not the only one in this case, so why don't use one with the other, hum?
Well, it's simple, let's write a driver.
Download latest version thru his BeBits page.


A little frontend for BeSANE. This graphical program allow you to forget magic switches of scanimage, the command line tool of [Be]SANE, and instead use your favorite finger to click on a simple, easy and graphical "scan" button. Oh, yes, it display freashly scanned image, too. And save it. Whoa.


This driver project would add BeOS support to Abstract Control Management class USB devices, mainly, USB modems. In stand-by currently, work with SerialConnect  but, argh, not yet with DialUpNetworking, the *Saint Graal* ;-)


Sensors (CPUs temperatures,, FAN RPM, voltage, etc) drivers API, limited at this time to a sample driver for winbond w83781d, w83782d and w83783s chipsets family and a little program in Terminal mode to test driver(s?)...


philippe [dot] houdoin [at] free [dot] fr

August 29, 2001