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BeSANE is the BeOS port of SANE , a scanners access library for Linux/Unix.
But there is today no BeOS graphical frontend to use this technology, only scanimage, a command line tool that let's you use BeSANE supported scanners.

Sanity is a project name for such a BeSANE graphical frontend.

Current status

v0.5 ALPHA: let you select from a detected devices list, launch a scan session basic settings of scanner options (curves are not supported yet, alas), view the result image and save image as file, via your favorite translator.

It's highly recommanded that you remove all unneeded SANE drivers who live in /boot/home/config/add-ons/SANE, otherwise if they are too many, program would block at launch time.


  • v0.5a, August 27, 2004, x86 binary, 77 Kb
  • v0.4 release skipped ;-)
  • v0.3, April 2, 2002, sources included, 126 Kb
  • v0.2, March 23, 2001, sources included, 64 Kb
  • v0.1, March 14, 2001, sources included, 346 Kb

For Sanity to work, you must install before BeSANE, which latest version can be found here.
This program has been tested with BeSANE Alpha 7 version.



  • August 26, 2004:

    I guess after 2 years, it's time for me to release something *now*, right!?
    Even if it's not features finished nor fully polished as one (me!) would expect, here come the so-called v0.5a version: options groups are collapsable, common options features icons, many improvment in options handling, and like always bugs fixed by billion.
    Feedback is welcome!

  • June 17, 2003:

    Okay, I understant that it may seem a dead project, due to zero update to this page since since last year! But, lately, I spent some time on new v0.4 version, and now scanner options are mostly all supported by widgets. Here a v0.4 screenshot...

  • April 2, 2002:

    Yes, this project is not dead... yet. I've since GeekDay #3 a more advanced v0.3, with a first scanner options support... on my computer but not online. Done now.
    Let's move to a future v0.4 ;-)

  • March 23, 2001:

    The v0.2 let you select your device from detected ones, launch a scan session with default driver options (full size, so), view resulting image and save it to a file, using translators.

    Code is kind of ugly, but the objective of this release was to offer the minimal features.

  • March 20, 2001:

    It seem that original SANE code, and in particular drivers one, use massive globals variables and open configurations files and don't close them! Argh.
    Under BeOS, this kind of code break quickly on system limits: too many files opened or/and no more memory space for add-ons data. This make BeSANE current, well... difficult to add to an C++ application project.

    So, without any better solution, I recommand anyone to keep in /boot/home/config/add-ons/SANE only needed add-on(s).

    However, I start to shape the future main window (see this preview), and the scanning code start to work, but still nothing displayed ;-)

  • March 14, 2001:

    Following a scanimage (command line tool of BeSANE) graphical frontend project on beos-fr, I put the current version sources, totally function-less by now.

    This page creation, too!

  • Mid-2000:

    A first neurone in my poor brain fire a BeSANE BeOS graphical frontend idea.

August 27, 2004